Every student known and loved.

Traditional, Christian education and small class sizes encourage student academic and spiritual growth.

At Trinity, class sizes average about 10 students per class.​

That means every student gets personal attention from their teachers every day. We love being a small school because it affords us a unique opportunity to call ourselves not just a school but a family. Your student belongs at Trinity if you want your student to be taught from a biblical worldview by nurturing teachers in a small setting.

3 Advantages
of Attending a Small School

Small schools have unique benefits! In this ebook, explore what gives small schools a leg up.

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Christ is at the center of everything we do.
From our classroom curriculum to our extracurricular activities, we teach from a biblical worldview. Students are encouraged to ask questions and explore the bible to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Your children will see Christ’s work in the world around them and experience His grace and love in our community of learners and teachers.
Small class sizes equal personal attention.
Average class size is 12 students. Teachers know how each student learns best and pass that information along to the student’s next teacher.
Passionate teachers equals engaged students.
Students learn best when they know their teacher cares about them. Our teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject matter. But they also genuinely care about each of their students
Strong academics equal students ready for the next step.
Trinity graduates are well prepared for high school. Trinity grads get into top-notch high schools like Lutheran High, Regis Jesuit, and Valor Christian.
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Our K – 2nd grade teachers seek to establish a strong educational, spiritual, and social foundation for growing minds. Individualized attention ensures that every student’s academic and social needs are addressed. All classes are taught from a biblical worldview. The sovereignty of God and the redemptive power of Jesus Christ is presented in all academic areas.

Academic Concepts

Meet the Staff

Middle Grades (3rd-6th)

3rd-6th Graders learn how to be independent and responsible for themselves and their work. We place an emphasis on skills that will help them in their future far beyond their educational years: conflict resolution, critical thinking, time management, and accountability, to name a few. These are growing and maturing years that will lay a strong foundation for many years to come, both in academics and faith.

Academic Concepts

Meet the Staff


The focus of the middle school years at Trinity are to prepare students for high school. Whether students choose to attend a Christian high school such as Lutheran High or attend a charter or public high school, we desire each graduate to have the skills to thrive in high school. Trinity graduates are leaders in their high schools. In middle school, faith is put into action. Spending these formative years at a Christian middle school gives students a strong spiritual, academic, and emotional foundation.

Academic Concepts

Meet the Staff

“We've been incredibly pleased with our experience.
The caring and dedicated staff fosters a positive, nurturing environment. Our children genuinely feel valued and loved at Trinity. The supportive atmosphere created by both teachers and peers has played a significant role in their emotional well-being.”
The Fasanos
Trinity Family

Is Trinity the Best Fit for You?

Your child could thrive at Trinity if…

Admission Process

Each family must submit an application to be considered for acceptance. Before you apply, we strongly encourage your family to come to campus for a tour and send your student to a shadow day. During the tour, we will discuss the details of the admissions process. Contact office@tlcas.org with any questions.


Tour the school & meet with the principal

Set up a
shadow day

Complete an application, inquire about tuition assistance if needed

Submit additional information

Notification of acceptance

Complete enrollment, pay fees

Tuition & Fees

Grade Level Registration Tuition
1/2 Day Kindergarten
$300 if returning family
and register by last day of Feb.
$5,230 cash discount
$300 if returning family
and register by last day of Feb.
$7,760 cash discount

Pay in full Discounts

  • 2.5% off for families who pay in full by the 1st day of school
  • 5% off for families who pay in full by May 15th before the new school year

Sibling discounts

  • 2nd child = 10% discount
  • 3rd child = 17.5% discount
  • 4th+ = 50% discount

(this is across ELC and K8)

K8 online application fee for new students – $85 due at the time the application is submitted. 

The K8 Registration Fee is automatically withdrawn upon completion of online registration.

K8 Technology, Book, and Health Fee – $250 – withdrawn June 15th

Tuition and fees are paid online through the FACTS Management Company. No student is allowed to attend classes until all fees are paid in full. All fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is done through FACTs. Set up your account today to learn your tuition amount.

Each family applying for assistance should start here: https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/45T1P

We encourage you to apply for tuition assistance with Trinity Lutheran as well as the Colorado ACE Scholarship. After you provide the tax documentation required by FACTS, your information will be reviewed and a notification of award will be sent mid-July. We do not want tuition costs to be a barrier to a student receiving a quality, Christian education. We are happy to talk with you about your needs above what your FACTS application shows. Please be sure to list any extenuating circumstances on the application. We will do our best to work with you to find an assistance amount that works for your family.

The average tuition amount families pay is $3,940 which is 51% of total tuition cost ($7,720). We can discount up to 65% of tuition costs based on family needs.

Please contact trinityschool@tlcas.org with questions about tuition assistance.

We know many families want to know their tuition assistance amount when they find out about their student’s acceptance. Tuition costs play a factor in a family’s decision to attend Trinity. So, starting the assistance process sooner rather than later is a good idea. If you don’t apply for assistance before you start the admission process, that is ok, too. You can apply for assistance anytime before the first tuition payment is due. Funds available for tuition assistance varies from year to year, so the amount families receive can be different as well.

You can expect tuition rates to increase to match inflation. We try to keep tuition costs affordable and tuition increases around 3-5% annually. We understand that circumstances change and if you didn’t need tuition assistance in the past, that may not always be the case. Therefore, families apply for assistance each year they attend Trinity so we can adjust your assistance based on your needs as a family.

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